lodi646 Casino Free Register / Sign Up

Follow the steps to sign up & login on lodi646 Casino, it’s quick and easy to create a free account. Sign up now with lodi646, the most renowned online casino in the Philippines and get huge welcome bonuses!

Play casino games is safe and secure here at lodi646 Casino. What you need to do is simple:  fill out registration form, verify your mobile number, and enjoy high quality slots/fishing/baccarat/roulette/Sabong/Lotto and other exciting games in less than 5 minutes. We will explain the registration process in the next paragraph to make it clear.

How to Register an Account at lodi646 Casino?

What’s the procedure for registration? If you’re wondering, it’s fundamentally the same as most casino sites, but lodi646 offers a faster and easier registration process to new players. Follow these steps to create a new account:

lodi646 register

Registration steps for desktop

     1.Visit LODIBET official casino site

lodi646 register steps for desktop - step 1

Open your browser and access LODIBET official website, click [Register] button in the upper right corner and registration table will be displayed.

     2.Fill out registration table

You’re required to key in information as follows:

lodi646 register steps for desktop - step 2
  • User name (enter 6-13 alphanumeric characters, not case-sensitive, Chinese is unavailable)
  • Password (enter your password)
  • Confirm Password (enter your password again)
  • Mobile Number (enter your mobile number)
  • SMS Code (your phone should be receiving a text message after clicking “Get code”. Return to this field and fill in the SMS Code)
  • Invitation Code (enter your invitation code or leave it blank if you do not have one)

After finishing the registration form, click on [Sign Up] button to complete the process.

Registration steps for mobile

      1.Visit LODIBET official casino site

lodi646 register steps for mobile - step 1

The mobile version has a different interface from the desktop version but follows the similar step. For mobile phone registration, click the [Register] button in the upper right corner to enter registration table.

   2.Fill out registration table

lodi646 register steps for mobile - step 2
  • User name (enter 6-13 alphanumeric characters, not case-sensitive, Chinese is unavailable)
  • Password (enter your password)
  • Confirm Password (enter your password again)
  • Email Address (enter your Email address, optional)
  • Mobile Number (enter your mobile number)
  • SMS Code (your phone should be receiving a text message after clicking “Get code”. Return to this field and fill in the SMS Code)
  • Invitation Code (enter your invitation code or leave it blank if you do not have one)
  • Enter a captcha (key in corresponding numerical series appeared on the right)
  • Confirm「I’m18 years old and agree to the terms & conditions of LODIBET」


After finishing the registration form, click on [Sign Up] button to complete the process.

How to Log in at lodi646 Casino?

If you have already registered, you should be able to login to lodi646 Casino successfully. Following paragraphs will guide you through the login steps.

lodi646 casino login

Login steps for desktop

    1.Front page login

lodi646 casino login steps for desktop - step 1

You can directly key in your account info at the [Username] [Password] section of LODIBET front page, then press the [Login] button on the right to log in.

     2.Google login

You may also use your phone number to log in. Click the downward arrow on the right side of Login button, you will see the Google logo. Then you can login with your Google account.

lodi646 casino login steps for desktop - step 2

Login steps for mobile

     1.Front page login

for mobile user, click the “Login” button at the top to make login section pops up.


lodi646 casino login steps for mobile - step 1

       2.Three login options: regular, mobile phone & Google login

           Players are able to log in on their mobiles via three different methods:

  • Regular login: Enter your account number and password to proceed login directly. Make sure to confirm “Remember me” for possible login in the future.
  • Mobile Login: You may use your mobile phone for login as well. Enter your phone number by selecting the “Mobile” tab and click “Send SMS” to get SMS code from your phone.
  • Google login: If you own an account of Google, you’re able to login by clicking on the icon below and complete the process.
lodi646 casino login steps for mobile - step 2

「Deposits or game records cannot be shared between accounts」

Please note that whether using lodi646 or Google account to login, these accounts cannot be shared, and deposit will not apply to other accounts accordingly. For example, if you log in to your lodi646 account and deposit $200 in your balance, the deposit remains unchanged in your Google account.

We suggest beginners to choose one of these login options for the first time. As for players with sufficient budgets, you can consider making separate deposits to multiple accounts.


Solution for Forgot & Reset Password

If you forgot your lodi646 password or intend to make a password reset, following steps will help you to retrieve/reset your password.

lodi646 retrieve password step

Retrieve your password on desktop

      1.Click [Forgot Password]

Click “Forgot Password” on the top right of home page, fill in your email address and user name provided when registering, and click “submit” to return the form.

     2.Receive your password at mailbox

After submitting the form, password confirmation mail will be sent automatically to your mailbox. Open the mail and retrieve your password, then go back to lodi646 home page and proceed login procedure.

Retrieve your password on mobile

  1. Click [Login]

Steps to retrieve password on mobile is similar to desktop. Click “Login” on the top to open the form and click “Forgot Password”.

Retrieve your lodi646 casino password on mobile

  1. Receive password at mailbox

Key in your User name and Email, then click [submit] to deliver the form. Password confirmation mail will be sent automatically to your mailbox. Go back to lodi646 home page to login with retrieved password.


Steps to reset your password

In order to reset your password on mobile/desktop, please contact our online customer service from the home page. It may require your personal information.

When you successfully sign up and login, a significant welcome bonus is rewarded! Take advantage of these bonuses and claim free spins on slots or bullets on fishing. You might as well give our live baccarat, Evolution Crazy Time and exciting Sabong a try!

Creating account seamless and fast is our number one priority. If there’s any bug or issue remains unsolved, please feel free to contact us, lodi646 is here to help you out.

lodi646 Personal Center: Introduction to Casino Member

lodi646 has a comprehensive member platform system where you can view member information, deposit and withdrawal operations, reward tasks, friend referral links, and the latest news. Once you successfully register with lodi646, you become a VIP user of lodi646, and we are honored to have you as a member! You can fully participate in all activities through the lodi646 Personal Center.

lodi646 Personal Center

If you want to log in to the Personal Center, please login to your account on the homepage and click on the Personal icon, as shown below:

My Account introduction:
After entering the Personal Center, you can click on My Account to see an overview of your membership information:

  • The orange section displays your current game currency balance and membership level.
  • The green section shows your account security level, which increases as you provide more complete information.
  • The blue section displays all your account information, including personal Information, login password, bank account, transaction password, phone verification, and more.
lodi646 Personal Center - my account

Deposit introduction:
The Deposit feature of lodi646 Casino offers a wide variety of payment methods, all of which are currently popular in the Philippines, including GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya, and bank transfers. This makes it very convenient for players to make deposits, with a minimum deposit amount of ₱200 and withdrawal limits ranging from ₱30,000 to ₱250,000.

Withdrawal introduction:
The most important factors for an online casino’s withdrawal feature are speed and a variety of payment methods. With lodi646, players can withdraw using a range of payment options, including GCash, Grabpay, Instapay, Paymaya, and bank transfers, with withdrawal amounts ranging from ₱100 to ₱50,000. Withdrawals can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. Players can save up to five withdrawal accounts, and can request withdrawals at any time.

Betting Record introduction:
This feature displays the betting records of players for games such as Slot, Lotto, Live Casino, Fishing, Sabong, and Sports. Members can choose to view their betting history for the current day, the previous day, the past seven days, or for a specific period of time. This allows players to see details such as the time and date of the bet, the amount wagered, the name of the game, and the results of winning or lost. The feature provides a highly detailed record of game activity.

Account Record introduction:
All deposits, withdrawals, and transactions are recorded in this feature. Therefore, if there are any issues with account transactions that require assistance, users can refer to this feature to provide the relevant data (up to the last seven days) to customer service representatives. This can greatly expedite the resolution of customer service issues.

Personal Profit and Loss introduction:
Do you know which games you have earned the most from the past one or two months? It is important to review your profit and loss records, as they can help you identify the games you excel at and the time periods during which you are more likely to win more. Gathering more data can also help improve your win rate.

Reward Center introduction:
Players can participate in various activities in the Reward Center to earn more bonuses. Members can view their available balance and current points, and below that are exclusive activities offered by lodi646. All VIP members are encouraged to participate to get more games and prizes. The following is an introduction to some of the reward activities available:

lodi646 Personal Center - beginner Task

• Beginner Task:
To complete the beginner’s task, you must fill out your basic information. Upon completion, you will receive a Golden Egg, which, when cracked open, may contain bonuses ranging from ₱8 to ₱8,888.


lodi646 Personal Center - sign-in task

• Sign-in task:
In the daily login bonus activity, players can earn over ₱20,000 in rewards simply by logging in for 30 consecutive days. However, if a player misses a day, the count will restart. If you continue to log in every day, the bonus will increase more and more.

lodi646 Personal Center - points mall

• Points mall:
The mall points earned through participating in activities and completing beginner’s tasks can be exchanged for premium rewards and game credits in the lodi646 Casino store. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for rewards such as Rolex watches, Honda motorcycles, Galaxy Z Flip4 phones, Dyson home appliances, and more. These mall points do not have an expiration date, so you can accumulate them at your own pace to exchange for the rewards you want.

Referral Code introduction:
Invite your friends to play and earn bonuses! As the registration is success, players can obtain their referral link and QR code under “Referral code” >> “Referral link”. When your friend registers successfully through the link, both the player and the friend will receive 50 game coins and 5,000 mall points. However, this feature cannot be used if the player becomes an agent of lodi646 Casino.

Mission introduction:
The more you play, the more bonuses you can earn! lodi646 periodically holds game ranking events, where the more a player bets on designated games, the higher the bonus they can receive (up to ₱200,000 for the winner). Moreover, for every ₱1,000 bet during the event, players will receive a lucky wheel ticket. These tickets can be exchanged for rewards at the Reward Center.

Internal Message introduction:
lodi646 will use this feature to send various activity messages to members. Players can check and reply to the messages or send a new message to the official team if they have any questions.

lodi646 Is the Safest Online Casino in the Philippines

lodi646 Casino will be your best option if you care for your privacy. We are an online casino that values player’s safety and privacy the most, your account is protected by three guard lines.

Guard Line Number One:
lodi646 casino online is authorized by Philippine officials, registered by Costa Rica, making it a lawful casino rarely seen in the Philippines.

Guard Line Number Two:
To achieve maximum security, our website passed tests by various information security labs, acquired multiple certifications (eCOGRA, Costa Rica, iTech, GambleAware). Reliable attestation from experts.

Guard Line Number Three:
lodi646 Casino demands players to verify themselves logging in, change password every three months. These procedures are extremely important to increase your account safety.

It’s highly secure to register at lodi646, the three guard lines prevent you from account hacking, personal information leakage and unable to withdraw. Feel safe to enjoy our games.


You can go to LODIBET website and follow the steps above to create your account.

We recommend you to log in with your phone number. Once logged in, remember to take a note to avoid losing it again.

Yes, but each account is independent, so all deposits and game records will be calculated separately. We recommend players not to have more than 3 accounts at the same time, as this is bad to manage deposit amount and resources are also scattered.

Normally the Invitation Code is provided by a friend or lodi646 agent, and when there is an event on the official website, you can enter the Invitation Code to get more benefits.

If you are interested in becoming a casino agent, check out this article “Become an Agent”.

lodi646 Casino is undoubtedly the best casino in the Philippines, offering a wide range of payment methods, quality games and a safe and secure privacy environment. Furthermore, lodi646 has a reputation for “paying out on time” and will always cash out as promised, regardless of whether the player wins a big or small prize.